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No Idle Parking Cooler Used in Port Transportation Vehicles


As the main distribution center of import and export goods, the logistics throughput of the port is increasing day by day. The demand for port tractors is increasing. In line with the development of port logistics and the demand for port vehicles, Kingclima industry focuses on providing a comfortable working environment for drivers According to the demand of port transport vehicles under different working conditions, continuously optimize the performance of electric air conditioning products suitable for these vehicles, and provide professional cooing solutions for port transport vehicles.

Eclima-2600S No Idle parking cooler:

Models E-Clima2600S E-Clima2600S
Voltage DC12V DC24V
Rotated cooling current 48A 38A
Rated input power(*) 912W 516W
Installation Back Wall Split mounted
Cooling Capacity 2600W/8840BTU 2600W/8840BTU
Working refrigerant R-134a(610±20g) R-134a(610±20g)
Weight 10kg / 22db(Interior unit)                         25kg / 45db (Exterior unit) 10kg / 22db(Interior unit)                        25kg / 45db (Exterior unit)
 Air Flow 450m3/Hr 500m3/Hr
Dimensions(L*W*H) 681*465*192mm (outdoor unit)

540*362*165mm  (Indoor unit)

681*465*192mm (outdoor unit)

540*362*165mm  (Indoor unit)

Application All kinds of truck cabs, off-road truck cabs, heavy-duty truck cabs…


Features of Eclima-2600S

  1. Light and thin appearance, saving space.
  2. High-quality evaporator, stronger refrigeration.
  3. Digital frequency conversion control, is more efficient and more energy saving. Use energy-saving mode when you sleep at night, it can run continuously for 4 to 8 hours. Use super mode in hottest hours, cooling rapidly and stronger air supply.
  4. Split type parking A/C, with outer door unit to be mounted vertically or horizontally.
  5. Smart control with remote controller, easy for operation


Here let us see more installation photos of this Eclima-2600S model:


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