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Common Diesel Heater Installation Mistakes 


Here are some most common diesel heater installation mistakes. This article should help with reducing unnecessary damage and improving efficiency. And most importantly, for your safety.


1. Mounting the fuel Pumps Horizontally for Diesel Heater


The pistons of these fuel pumps generate small bubbles in the diesel. What if the pump is sideways? Bubbles cannot escape. You build up As a result, the fuel pump wears faster and the diesel park heater does not work efficiently. This is the most common mistake when installing a diesel heater, but it can be easily fixed. The fuel pump must be installed at an angle of 1530 degrees to allow air bubbles to escape.


Common Diesel Heater Installation Mistakes - KingClima
Common Diesel Heater Installation Mistakes – KingClima


2. Side mounts muffler (or upper head)


The small hole at the bottom of the muffler is a drain hole. Its purpose is to let the water escape. The muffler is mounted vertically instead of on the side, allowing water to drain through the drain. Therefore, if you turn it upside down during installation, water will not drain.


3. Creating a low point for the exhaust pipe


One of the by-products of diesel air heater combustion is water. If the bend in the pipe is lower than the exhaust port, water will collect there and the exhaust pipe will rust faster. Therefore, the exhaust pipe should be tilted slightly downward so that water does not collect in the lower position.


4. Installing the fuel filter after the fuel pumps


The openings in these fuel pumps are so small that they can be clogged fairly easily. Therefore, keep the sediment out of the fuel pump. Install a fuel filter in front of the fuel pump to prevent clogging.


Common Diesel Heater Installation Mistakes - KingClima
Common Diesel Heater Installation Mistakes – KingClima


5. Point the air intake hose forward


What’s wrong with pointing the air filter forward? During operation, air, dirt, dust and insects are pushed into the system at high pressure. Install the air intake hose to protect it from ingress of air during operation. And make sure you have an air filter.


6. Installation of diesel air heaters without base plate insulation


The fans of these diesel air heaters work very well to transfer heat from the engine to the air ducts. The base plate does not get very hot in normal use. But what if a power outage occurs? Place heat-resistant silicone, concrete siding, or a heat-resistant cutting board between the base plate and the floor.


7. Start the diesel air heater first without filling the fuel line


The fuel pump is lubricated only by the diesel itself. Without diesel, there is no lubrication. When you dry start your diesel heater, it’s a lot of metal on metal before the fuel pump gets the first bite of diesel. This is not one of the mistakes in installing a reversible diesel heater. Be sure to bleed the fuel line before connecting the line between the fuel filter and the fuel pump.

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