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The Reason Why We should Get A Van Parking Heater


Traffic accidents and Cold Weather

Most road users underestimate the safety risks of freezing and clouding car windows in winter. Many people are unaware of how easy it is to use a parking heater to eliminate this risk. The Dresden University of Technology’s Road Accident Investigation investigated 9,406 car accidents with a personal injury during the seven years (January 1, 2005-December 31, 2011). Nine percent of these accidents occurred when temperatures were below freezing. Especially in this temperature range, parking heater not only greatly improve comfort, but also contribute significantly to traffic safety. In 2.3% of accidents at sub-zero temperatures, visibility was severely impaired due to frozen and cloudy windows. This investigation came to a definite conclusion. More than half of these accidents could have been avoided with high probability by using parking heater.



Study shows that parking heater ensure higher road safety in winter


Being fast cooling, flexible, and maneuverable diesel air heaters are popular among drivers. But the diesel air heaters not only ensure a comfortable warmth in the car, but also make an important contribution to traffic safety, especially in winter. Many road users begin their journey after not clearing snow and ice windows, especially during the morning rush hours. As a result, pedestrians and cyclists in the particular move off the edge of the driver’s field of vision and are often overlooked. School children, in particular, are at particularly high risk because they often ride or walk on bicycles. Auxiliary heaters, on the other hand, reduce the risk of accidents because the driver has clear windows from the beginning. Studies have shown that.

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